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Bregman Island


Attempts to become an island-centric film have explored the features of Bergman Island. The film haunts me with the thought of what language to use, what to depict, what to characterize, what to use in the art of the camera, what to use in the sound, the expression, and the intent to become art everywhere. Has also multiplied. It is undeniable that he spoke. There is no way to deny that what is shown in the case of cinematic commentary or cinematic pores is understood by the ignorant, leading to the simplification of confusion.

This is where the success of this film lies. In this case, Mia Hansen has always tried to find her way as an artist, to show the life of an ordinary woman in general. This is a wonderful movie. Which stops the depressed heart. The reflection of French society in this film, the tension, the hint of separation will bring you face to face with reality. Although it depicts a lonely life like Bergman Island, it feels good to see the author and filmmaker Munsiana. Mia Hansen Lave’s movie prose has a relaxed wandering in language. So the film becomes understandable, not touching the boundaries of complex equations or complexity.

The expression of deep thoughts and feelings has made it special. Given to Mia Hassen Love .

That is why Hansen highlights depression through the colorful cultural identity of the French generation. That is why she emanated from the depths of thought a character who portrayed the fragmentary life of a feminist professor. It reflects on the screen all mental, moral, existential dilemmas as well as casual comforts. A delightful trip to Bergman Island by writer and director Mia Hansen. The real and past partner of this trip is Ingmar Bagman who once lived on this island. Made movies and loved them.

Ernest Ingmar Bagman was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, producer and playwright at the time. Bagman is a man who is universally ranked among the most skilled and influential filmmakers of all time. So just as it speaks of the island, Ingmar captures Bagman’s position at that time and Bagman’s movements at that time. The acting style of British actor Tim Roth in this film and the family life of Vicky Cripps as well as the abysmal touching performance of the parting life seem to have touched me like a charm.

After all, they have been part of all sorts of inspiration from Ingmar Bagman. And once again, the film’s author, Mia Hansen, takes us back to the island of ‘Bagman Safari’, which happened in Ingmar Bagman’s unimaginable real life. Maybe to understand or respect the life, philosophy of his favorite filmmaker. In this film, the actor and actress and director have followed Bagman’s shadow and filmography more and more. So that Bagman is portrayed as more alive. Tony and Chris make their way to the island. Chris starts to move away from Tony. Because Chris’s life is influenced by a young man. He is a student whose company Chris begins to like. As a result, Chris travels far less.

The film premiered on July 11, 2021, at the Cannes Film Festival. It is a matter of great pride that since then almost all the major film festivals in the world have responded to show the movie. The biggest change for the film is that Vicky Cripps replaces actress Greta Gerwig, who was announced in 2016. And Tim Roth, replacing American actor and director John Turturu. Floating on the screen is a print of Bagman’s cutting psychodrama showing ‘crying and whispering at the same time. As well as portraying the life of the famous film director Bagman as his wife, Cripps Tony’s asylum to find an alternative ending seems to have come up in such a clever way that it seems to be a depiction of reality. This is how the movie ‘Bergman Island’ connects itself to a continent through a hidden path. This is a big achievement for a manufacturer. Hansen Lev is said to be moving forward with courage in his second film. It can be said that this fictional work took him further in the field of film directing. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Because, when the female character utters ‘I love both of them’, the hesitation of the mind is cut off and it can be said that it catches again. It creates a dazzling sense of justice and confidence. Besides, it removes the pain of disbelief.

In it, Hansen Lev has combined the two RPGs. Faith on one side, disbelief on the other. Watching this movie reminds me not only of Bagman, but also of Hansen’s personal story. The characters act as if they are at the opposite pole. Although the finish line of Hansener Lev’s ‘Bergman Island’ is kind of opaque. But the oscillation of memory, past, time, construction style and faith-disbelief shows that he did no injustice to the film at all. In other words, the film is a direct and clear tribute to Bergman, one of the world’s most famous producers of all time.

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